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Are Bed Bugs A Problem In Your Omaha Home?

In 2019, Omaha was listed as one of the top fifty U.S. cities affected by bed bugs. Unfortunately, this list had Omaha jumping up two spots to the 35th most-affected city from where we were in 2018. With bed bug cases on the rise, it would not be unusual if your house ends up with a bed bug infestation. Luckily, the technicians at Beeline Pest Control are bed bug control experts and are ready to help you with all your Omaha pest control needs.

How To Identify A Bed Bug Infestation

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It's important to know how to spot the signs of a bed bug problem in your Omaha home. Bed bugs are typically only found in bedrooms, but they are not limited exclusively to beds. You may have bed bugs in furniture, clothing, upholstery, or pretty much any item in your bedroom, which is why bed bugs can be so hard to remove. Your best bet is to discover your bed bug infestation before it explodes into a huge problem.

Signs of a bed bug problem include:

  • Seeing a bed bug; they will look like small, black, moving dots.
  • Waking up to itchy, red bites on your body.
  • Finding skins or eggshells in bed bug hiding places, like the corners of your bed or in cracks in the headboard.
  • Smelling a musty odor in your bedroom; this smell is a sign of a big bed bug problem, as the more bed bugs you have, the worse the smell.

Why You Might Have Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasites. They drink blood, primarily from warm-blooded animals. That means humans, dogs, cats, and other warm-blooded animals like rodents, are their hosts. However, humans are their favorite hosts, and why you'll find them in bedrooms much of the time. The bedroom provides them easy access to their favorite food; us.

Often, bed bugs come into your home on people or packages. Travel is the biggest origin of bed bug problems. Bed bugs are small, and their larvae are very durable. Plus, the short life cycle of these pests makes them hard to eradicate completely.

Additionally, bed bugs may enter your Omaha home on pets and other pests. They then fall off and make a home for themselves in your bedroom.

Reasons to Treat Your Bed Bug Problem Immediately

Even though they are a parasite, bed bugs are not known to spread diseases. That doesn't mean they are harmless, however. Bed bug bites are an annoyance. They itch like crazy, which can inhibit sleep. Some people are allergic to bed bug bites as well, which causes even more discomfort. Finally, because they are itchy, bed bug bites cause people to scratch. Too much scratching can lead to a skin infection.

Guaranteed Bed Bug Protection In Omaha, NE

If you think you have a bed bug problem in your Omaha home, contact Beeline Pest Control immediately. While not life-threatening, bed bugs are too much of an annoyance to ignore, and the infestation will only grow larger the longer you ignore it. The sooner you call, the sooner you can get them out of your home, and early detection and removal is also the best way to ensure the problem goes away for good.

At Beeline Pest Control, we perform whole house treatments to ensure the full elimination of your bed bug infestation. Although you'll mostly find bed bugs in bedrooms, they can spread from room to room through the walls, so a full home treatment is the most effective bed bug control method.

We'll target all areas where bed bugs may be spending time, including mattresses, beds, couches, furniture, behind wall fixtures, picture frames, and more. We'll then apply a product that offers residual protection for any bed bugs that avoid our first product application.

Our bed bug control service typically takes just one treatment to eliminate your infestation entirely. However, with our bed bug-free guarantee, if you find bed bugs in your house after our treatment, we'll return to re-treat until they are gone completely. If you have bed bugs in your Omaha home, call Beeline Pest Control today and learn more about our bed bug extermination services.

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