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a yellow jacket in an omaha nebraska yard

How Dangerous Are The Yellow Jackets In Omaha?


No two species of wasps look exactly the same. Some are large and brightly colored, others are small and dull. One species that stands out is the yellow jacket. This invasive pest is considered to be one of the most problematic and dangerous types of wasps in Omaha. Just how dangerous are they? Learn some simple prevention strategies to help you keep these pests away.... Read More

an oriental cockroach on a tree

The Dangers Cockroaches Bring To Your Omaha, NE Property


There are things in this world that are obviously dangerous, like lions and lava. And then there are things that do not look dangerous but pose a serious threat to human health. Cockroaches are one of these things. These small pests look creepy but are often overlooked and considered to be nothing more than a nuisance inside area homes. ... Read More

two mice in a cupboard getting in to food

How Mice Get Into Omaha, NE Homes


Are you a sucker for good smells? Can you be drawn down three flights of stairs by the scent of apple pie or fresh brownies? Is your favorite part about cooking delicious food the smell it gives off? Good smells really are something special, especially to pests like mice. ... Read More

a wasp on wood in an omaha yard

The Best Way To Keep Wasps Out Of Your Omaha Yard


There are several species of wasps that are common to Omaha, Nebraska. While wasps can be useful for the environment, it is essential to identify these stinging insects because they can be dangerous, especially to people who are allergic. If you are an Omaha property owner, keep reading to learn about wasps and proactive tips to keep them out of your yard. ... Read More

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