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Keeping Rodents Out Of Your Omaha Home

If you had to rank pests from most problematic to least problematic, rodents would be in one of the top spots. A rodent infestation is bad news for homeowners because of the damage they cause, the dangers they present, and the difficulties that can occur while trying to get rid of them. If rodents get into your house, contacting Beeline Pest Control professionals is a wise choice that will help you save time, money, and frustration and get the pest control in Omaha you need.

How To Identify A Rodent Infestation

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The word ‘rodent’ is a blanket term for many vermin, such as mice, rats, or other small mammals like voles. These critters are easily confused with one another because they have similar attributes, coloring, and sizing. Although any rodent could potentially get into your house, the most common home-invading rodents are mice and rats.

Signs of a rodent infestation include:

  • Seeing droppings in your cupboards or on your countertops.
  • Finding gnaw marks on food packaging, walls, or other areas in your home.
  • Finding nests in out of the way locations, such as the attic.
  • Seeing rodents outside your house.

Why You Might Have Rodents

All types of rodents are looking to sleep, eat, and breed. Your home offers material to build nests, food from garbage cans, and quiet spaces to breed, such as a basement, shed, or attic.

Reasons To Treat Your Rodent Problem Immediately

All rodents run the risk of spreading diseases. They can also re-populate quickly, so two rodents can easily turn into hundreds of rodents if the infestation is left untreated. With many rodents come a lot of droppings and urine around your home. Eating food that has droppings near it, or even just coming in close contact with droppings, can make you and your family members very sick. Rodents also carry fleas, which can become another infestation in itself.

Finally, rodents are very destructive, chewing on anything they can find, including your belongings, walls, insulation, pipes, wires, and more. Not only is this destruction annoying and costly to repair, but in some cases, it can be dangerous, leading to water leaks, mold, or fire hazards.

A Rodent-Free Home In Omaha, NE Is A Phone Call Away

If you have rodents in your Omaha home, Beeline Pest Control can take care of them for you and make sure they don’t come back. We’ll inspect your house to find the entry points they’re using and place bait stations in areas both inside and outside your house.

We’ll also put a repellent around the exterior of your house to stop rodents from coming inside in the future. We utilize a maintenance plan to keep the repellent renewed throughout the year, so your home has non-stop protection from rodents.

If you have seen any type of creature that looks like a rodent or any signs of rodent activity, call the rodent control specialists at Beeline Pest Control right away. We’ll eliminate your infestation for good.

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