What are rodents?

Rodents are small mammals with sharp, continuously growing front incisors. Forty-three percent of all mammals are rodents! Rodents are a recurring problem around Omaha, Nebraska homes and businesses because they take advantage of the food and protection our structures provide. Mice, Norway rats, pocket gophers, and voles are common invaders of our indoor and outdoor spaces.


  • Mice have an oval-shaped body covered in gray, brown, or black fur. They have large ears and a long skinny tail covered in a layer of velvety fur.
  • The Norway rat has a dense body covered in brown fur with black hairs scattered throughout. They have a blunt nose, small ears, and little protruding black eyes. Their scaly tails are shorter than the length of their head and body combined.
  • Voles have blunt snouts, and small, stocky bodies with short legs and tails. The vole's ears are covered in chestnut-brown fur and hidden from view.
  • Pocket gophers live underneath the ground. They have strong front legs and claws used to tunnel through the soil. Their external cheek pockets that help them carry the food they gather. Pocket gophers are rarely ever seen by people.

Are rodents dangerous?

Rodents can cause a lot of damage to our yards and structures. They are also able to spread diseases and parasites, making them not only destructive pests but dangerous. In homes, mice and rats chew through and damage wires, pipes, drywall, wood trim, flooring, furniture, clothing, and appliances. They also spread diseases and bacteria that make people ill like salmonella, E. coli, rate-bite fever, hantavirus, and leptospirosis.

Pocket gophers are destructive pests that ruin lawns and gardens. They tunnel through the ground and feed on plant and grass roots, causing significant damage or plant death. Gopher tunnels may extend under driveways, cement slabs, and foundations — causing structural damage. They can also dig or chew through pipes, wires, and cables.

Voles are another type of garden pest and can cause extensive damage to our lawns, landscaping, and fruit trees. They also are problematic in fields and may cause damage to crops. In yards, the entrance and exit holes at the beginning and end of their tunnels cause twisted ankles and make mowing difficult.

Why do I have a rodent problem?

Rodents tend to be social animals, living together in colonies. Just a couple of rodents finding their way onto your Omaha property can lead to a large-scale infestation in a short period. If your property has favorable conditions (warm temperatures, plenty of food, and suitable nesting spots), rodents will take advantage.

The majority of rodents feed on seeds, nuts, roots, flowers, fruit, and meats, all things that are in most of our yards. Trash cans, bird feeders, compost piles, gardens, and grass will provide rodents with the food sources they are continually searching for.

Where will I find rodents?

Rodents are pests that live both inside and outside our houses, causing damage to our yards, homes, and personal belongings. Voles and gophers are rodents that rarely become a problem inside, but outside, they cause significant damage to our gardens and lawns.

Mice and Norway rats often move into our homes to escape harsh weather or while foraging for food. Mice are agile and good climbers and will nest either at ground level or above. Norway rats are not great climbers and are mostly found nesting on the ground floor of homes and other buildings.

Below are some common indoor nesting spots for mice:

  • Wall voids
  • Basements
  • Crawlspaces
  • Chimneys
  • Closet and cabinets
  • Cardboard boxes

How do I get rid of rodents?

Beeline Pest Control is the best choice to eliminate rodents from your Omaha home or business. We know how troublesome and difficult to eradicate rodents are, and we are here to support you. Our trained and experienced technicians will work closely with you to solve your property’s rodent problems – always working around your schedule!

Our professional will rid your property of rodents and keep them from returning by performing detailed inspections, implementing exclusion measures, and utilizing repellents and bait stations. For added peace of mind, if pests come back between regularly scheduled visits, so do we! To learn more about our rodent control services or receive a free quote, give Beeline Pest Control a call today!

How can I prevent rodents in the future?

Prevent rodents from becoming a big problem in your Omaha, Nebraska area yard or home using the following prevention tips:

  • Eliminate safe habitats for rodents in your yard by removing overgrown shrubs, excess woodpiles, tall grass, and dense landscaping.
  • Remove outdoor food sources by maintaining fruit trees and gardens — picking up fruits and vegetables that have fallen to the ground.
  • Keep lids on trash cans and maintain compost piles.
  • Cut back tree branches and shrubs from your home’s exterior so rodents can’t use the branches to move onto your home’s exterior walls, windows, or roof.
  • Using rodent-proof materials, seal any openings you discover on the outside of your home; place caps on chimneys, covers over vents, and securely place screens in windows and doors.

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