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Stop Wood-Destroying Termites From Damaging Your Omaha Home

You protect your home from as many things as you can. You keep it in good condition so that it doesn’t get damaged by bad weather. You lock the doors so intruders can’t get inside at night or when you’re away. But do you protect it from the nearly invisible intruders that are far more likely to invade than a robber? Termites are a serious problem in Omaha, but many homes remain unprotected against them. Don’t let your house be one of them.

How To Identify A Termite Infestation

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Termites are extremely destructive pests. They eat wood, which can destroy your home if given enough time. Knowing how to identify termites is essential to stopping the damage before it gets out of hand. If you see a termite or swarming termites with wings in or around your home, you can be certain you have a termite infestation. Termite colonies can measure up to millions of members, so seeing one means many more nearby.

Another sign of termites is finding wood damage. Depending on the type of termite in your home, you may experience hollow-sounding wood, cracking, and what looks like water damage. Termites also eat other materials high in cellulose, so you may notice damage to your drywall or non-wood furniture.

One of the most common types of termite in Omaha homes is the subterranean termite. These termites make mud tunnels that you can find along the baseboards and foundation of your home. Mud tunnels are used by the termites to go from their nest to their feeding site. Seeing mud tunnels means you have an active termite problem.

Why You Might Have Termites

Termites need food, water, and shelter. Our homes provide these things for them. There is not much we can do about the shelter part. Our homes shelter us as well. But by controlling termites’ access to food and water, you can help prevent an infestation.

Our homes have an abundance of food for termites. There is a lot of wood and drywall for them to eat. There is one main way that termites go from the outdoors into our homes. If you store woodpiles next to or against your buildings, then you are inviting termites into your home. Store your wood at least fifteen feet away from all structures. That way, any termites in the wood cannot gain easy access to your structure.

Water leaks will also attract termites to your home. Termites prefer bad drainage, moist soil, and improper airflow throughout your home. By ensuring your home is dry and leak-free, you will be doing a lot to reduce the risk of a termite infestation.

Reasons To Treat Your Termite Problem Immediately

Termites can eat through a lot of wood very quickly; this is a big problem, as it can create infrastructure problems. Termites do not discriminate, which means they will happily eat load-bearing and other important structural parts of our homes, quickly creating an unsafe living situation as the risk of a collapse increases.

Another major drawback of having a termite problem is the cost. Termites cost U.S. homeowners about five billion annually. The general range for repairs of termite damage is $300-$1000, but termite damage can easily cost over $1000 to repair.

Guaranteed Termite Control Services In Omaha, NE

If you suspect you have termites in your home, you need professional termite control. The technicians at Beeline Pest Control are highly trained and experienced in identifying termite activity and providing the service needed to protect your Omaha home from pests and termites.

We’ll begin by inspecting your home for any signs of an active termite infestation. We’ll then provide treatment that works to eliminate active infestations and prevent future ones. We use Termidor®, the number one termite defense product. Termidor® works by creating a barrier of protection around your house that is undetectable to termites. When they cross the barrier, they pick up the termiticide and bring it back to their colony, where it can spread to every member.

Our termite control requires only one treatment and is fully guaranteed. Don’t let your termite problem get out of hand and cost you your hard-earned savings. Contact Beeline Pest Control today for the best termite protection Omaha has to offer.

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